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May 16th

When to Consider Divorce Arbitration

Divorce is never an easy process, both emotionally and financially. It can be a highly contested battle that can take a long time to resolve. However, the process of divorce can be simplified by considering divorce arbitration as an alternative to litigation. In this article, you will learn about divorce arbitration and when it is a good option to consider for your situation.

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What is Divorce Arbitration?

Divorce arbitration is a process where a neutral third-party, called an arbitrator, helps resolve a divorce case outside of court. The arbitrator is usually a family law attorney or a retired judge who is well-versed in divorce law. The arbitrator listens to both sides of the case and makes a binding decision that is legally enforceable. Divorce arbitration is similar to a court trial, but it is less formal, less expensive, and can be completed much faster.

When Should You Consider Divorce Arbitration?

When You Want to Save Money
Divorce can be an expensive process, especially if it goes to trial. You can save money by choosing divorce arbitration over litigation. The cost of divorce arbitration is usually lower because it is less formal than a court trial, and it does not involve a jury. Additionally, the process of arbitration is usually faster than litigation, which can help you save money on attorney fees.

When You Want More Control
Divorce arbitration gives you and your spouse more control over the outcome of your case. In arbitration, you and your spouse can decide on the arbitrator, the rules of the process, and the final decision. This means that you can choose an arbitrator who has experience in family law and who you feel comfortable working with. You can also decide on the schedule of the arbitration, which can help you and your spouse work around your schedules.

When You Want More Privacy
Divorce arbitration is a private process. Unlike a court trial, the arbitration process is confidential. This means that the details of your case will not be available to the public, and you can keep your personal matters private. Additionally, arbitration can help you avoid a lengthy court battle, which can be emotionally draining and stressful.

When You Want a Faster Resolution
The arbitration process can be much faster than litigation. In most cases, arbitration can be completed within a few months, whereas litigation can take years to complete. This means that you can get a resolution to your divorce case much faster, which can help you move on with your life.

When You Want a Less Adversarial Process
Divorce arbitration is usually less adversarial than litigation. In arbitration, you and your spouse work together to come up with a resolution to your case. This means that you can avoid the hostility and conflict that can come with a court trial. Additionally, arbitration can be less stressful because it is less formal than a court trial.

Hire a family lawyer to know more about divorce arbitration. The attorney will guide you know what to expect during this legal process.

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