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May 16th

How to Tell If Your Home Needs a Furnace Repair Service

If you’re dealing with problems with your furnace, the best thing to do is call a professional. They can make sure your system is working properly and get it running in good shape. They can also provide a preventative service to keep your home comfortable and help avoid larger issues down the road.

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Whether your heating unit is a furnace, a boiler, or an air conditioner, it needs to be maintained and tuned up regularly in order to function correctly. This includes changing your air filter and cleaning the ductwork.

A dirty air filter can cause a furnace to run less efficiently, which means that your house will stay warmer than it should and may end up using more gas or electricity. This can lead to high utility bills, which can be a big indicator that you need to have your furnace repaired.

Dirty filters can trap dust and debris that is then circulated throughout your home and in your ductwork, which can restrict airflow. It’s important to replace the filter regularly, especially if you notice that it isn’t filtering out as much air as it used to.

An overly clogged air filter can also prevent the blower from effectively circulating air through your home. This can lead to an uncomfortable and expensive situation, so it’s a good idea to change your filter often.

It’s also important to ensure that you’re installing the filter correctly; if you install it upside down, it can reduce its effectiveness.

A dirty flame sensor can also cause your furnace to shut down when it thinks there’s not a flame. The problem is caused by a buildup of insulating chemicals on the surface of the flame sensor. This coating makes the sensor think there’s not a flame, so it won’t send a signal to the circuit board, which can shut off the furnace.

You’ll need to remove the flame sensor and clean it with an emery cloth, then reinstall it. You’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s directions for this job to safely complete it.

If you’re unable to start the furnace, you might have a problem with the thermostat or with your breaker panel. This can happen for a number of reasons, including damage to the wiring or a faulty ignition switch.

Another possible reason is a damaged or faulty heat exchanger, which can prevent your unit from converting heat to electricity or gas efficiently. If this is the case, it can be a big expense to repair or replace the system.

Not all furnaces have a pilot light, and some of them use an electrical ignition rather than a traditional pilot light. If you have a faulty pilot light or if you’re not sure about the operation of your unit, you should call an HVAC expert to inspect it for you.

Then, you’ll need to find out if it’s a safety issue or if it can be fixed with a simple fix. If it’s a safety issue, you should never try to relight your pilot light yourself, as it could damage the flame sensor or the unit and cause a fire.

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